Don’t Forget Your Penis Candy


Midland Penis Candy

Parents with students at Crockett Elementary in Midland are trying to remain angry, without laughing, about a flyer sent home with their children about the upcoming fall festival. Apparently, a flyer was sent home requesting that parents bring candy. Penis candy to be precise. The teacher who made the flyer says that it was an honest mistake. I googled “candy”, giving her the benefit of the doubt. Page after page, no penis candy. I searched specifically for “penis candy” and finally, I got to see some penises in the form of candy. Of course, the image she used was halfway down the page. I am not sure how she made this mistake unless it was intentional. Somehow, no one noticed all the way down the chain of command from superintendent to the teachers passing it out. Leave it up to angry parents to notice that which slips past those who teach our children.

I can see why people may be upset about this, but I cannot see how anyone cannot laugh about it. It is my hope that some humor rich parents actually send their children to the fall festival packing this penis candy. Is it worth scarring your children for life over? That depends solely on how much you like a good joke. Unfortunately, my daughter is not in Crockett Elementary, because I like a good joke.

Be sure to eat your penises