Michael Cowley – Midland Badass


Michael Cowley - Midland Badass

I’m going to tell you guys about a badass named Michael Cowley. On Monday, October 24, 2016, Michael Cowley entered a convenient store (7-11 on the Loop and A st) and was confronted by an armed, masked robber. Did Michael Cowley panic? No. Michael Cowley morphed into a total badass, grabbed the gun from the armed robber, and left him running like a little bitch.

As of the time of this post, only one news station has reported on this (Newswest 9), but everyone needs to be aware of this badass and that is why I am making this post. So tonight, Midland, you can sleep sound because Michael Cowley is roaming the streets with his balls of steel. Bad guys beware.