Stop Waiting on Parking Spots!


Waiting on a parking spot memeThere are few things more infuriating than trying to park your car and getting stuck behind some lazy idiot that is waiting on someone to load up their groceries and back out of a parking spot. I see this all the time in Midland. The sad thing is, there is always an open parking spot a few spaces down. This is the most illogical, idiotic, selfish, and lazy thing I could ever imagine. It always happens in the parking lot of grocery stores, walmart, and the mall. All of these places, you are about to walk around the store for a long time. Walking a few extra steps will not even show up in the rounding. There is usually a line of cars behind this person just trying to get by them. But do they care about that? No. They are lazy assholes.

It is not even a time saver. Many times, I just go down a different lane when I see it, park towards the back, and walk right past them as they still sit waiting in fear of burning an extra calorie walking an additional 20 ft. Stop doing this!!! It is only acceptable if there are literally no other spots available in the entire parking lot.